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Flowers on the stamps

Peony is a unique and famous flower in our country, which is known as the "national fragrance" and "the king of flowers". It has long been regarded as a symbol of prosperity and prosperity. It is a perennial deciduous shrub with slow growth and small plant type. It is native to the mountains of qinling and dabba mountains. Cheap nfl jerseys chinaNow it is most famous in luoyang peony and heze peony. In August, 1964, ministry of posts and telecommunications, 61 a total of 15 pieces of peony stamps and souvenir sheet, a Tian Shiguang in the form of a traditional Chinese painting by the painter painting, Shao Bailin design, are on the market at present, our country's most expensive flower stamps. Shows this set of stamps - Dan furnace, kunshan luminous can purple, yellow powder, zhao yao, Joe, ice cover redstone, ink and cinnabar food, kai jade, gold or yellow, bicolor, pea green to bake with royal clothing and Wei Zi, drunken xiantao 15 varieties, such as the sheet shows the top red and gold.
This set of stamps in the original author of the famous flowers and birds painter Tian Shiguang Sir, he used in traditional Chinese painting and claboratestyle double technique method of painting, sketching the seventeen rare breed peony luxuriant elegance. Shao Berlin, lu tianjiao design. The stamps are printed in color, and the stamps are more brightly colored and full of layers. Thanks to its exquisite design, it is popular with the collectors of all philatelists, and in 1980 was awarded the "best stamp of the three decades".
The circulation and varieties of the stamps of the peony stamp are as follows:
Four points and four million. The shengdan furnace is also known as the red furnace and the pearl of the purple furnace, the warm xiangyang, the late opening, the flower is the magenta, the building double, has more petals, the flower heart is raised. Pistilizing, the flower heart appears green, a variety of "green heart red".
Kunshan has four million nights. Kunshan evening light, the flower tenacity, the growth is exuberant, the flower presents white, and without a little color, in the flower spectrum the most "pure white quality" reputation. Pleasant shade, cheap snapbacksluster, petals delicate and heavy petals, flower-shaped, strong tree, for late development.
Eight cents and six million. Green turban, for the late variety, double the level of the building, flowers are globular, flowers purple, and the stamens are almost completely flapellated. Flowers in full bloom, the stem soft, after blooming, because cannot support and the flower droop, its image is like a purple headscarf hanging.
8 points zhao powder 6 million. Zhao powder, is one of the first flowering varieties, early flowering for pink, nearly as with xie, sometimes to semidouble, sometimes heavy disc, and often grow on a single, semidouble or double flowers. The petals are fragrant and fine, very lovely and can be used to make wine.
8 points yao huang 6 million. Yao huang, is a domestic cultivation of a long history of famous varieties. It has a diameter of more than a foot and has the reputation of a king of flowers. The flower opens the milky yellow and the stamen almost completely flaps and rises. Its flower is easy to grow and grows stronger, is the most expensive one of the peony flowers.
Eight out of six million. Two Joe, whose variety of flowers are larger and the bud of the flower, and on the same branch have pink and purple flowers, and on a flower revealed a pink, purple and two colors. There are more petals, and the base of the lobe shows the Burgundy.
Eight pieces of ice cap red stone 6 million. The red stone of the ice cover is tender in bloom, most afraid of wind and strong sunlight. Early flowering for pink, nearly as with xie, luster and richly more colourful, similar to the young woman's face color, each petal base has a small piece of red spots, its shape is like ruby, so its name.
Ten points, two and a half million. The flower is one of the more expensive varieties. The color of the flowers is dark purple, the flowers are more lustrous, and the yellow flowers in the middle are thin and revealing.
10 points cinnabar food 2.5 million. Vermilion food, wholesale nfl jerseysits flower is more special and precious in the peony varieties, large flowers, purple flowers, for single core. The pistil is purple, the stamens are yellow, and the flowers are bright and beautiful.
It's about 2.5 million. Blue field jade, the base of its flower petal has purple halo spot, the petals sometimes clamped with yellow stamens, all are double rise. Flowers are blue and white at the beginning, and white after blooming.
About 2.5 million pieces of royal clothing. Royal coat yellow, the flower is medium open breed, when open the flower is goose yellow, when blooming is golden. The flowers are large and double, with yellow stamens in the petals. The whole flower is like the emperor's coat, so it is famous.
Ten points, two and a half million. Hu hong, its flower adaption ability is most easy to cultivate popularize. The flower is a light red when it is opened, and it is dark red when it is in full bloom. For heavy petals, there are a few light yellow flowers, for the fine variety, its color is bright and plump and beautiful.
It's one million green. Bean green, its flowers belong to late high quality breed, extremely precious. At the beginning, it changed to green, bright and delicate, crystal and translucent, with strong petals of flowers, highlighting the beauty of its pea green. Scientific management should be carefully cultivated.
Wei zi 1.2 million. Wei zi, who has a long history of flower cultivation, has been recorded in the famous "picture spectrum", and has the reputation of "flower empress", the variety of which is extremely precious. The outer petals are large, the flowers appear purple, the inner petals are thinner, and when they are in full bloom, they are presented with a ball. The flowers and stamens show a little yellowish yellow, and the black and green leaves are very beautiful in the sunlight.
Two and a half million. Drunk peach, for the late opening variety, is a unique and high-quality variety of style. The flower is light red, double rise, the flower stem is soft, the flower is slightly lowered when flowering, the image is like the peach of the posturing, so called the drunken fairy.
Small sheet (351) 2 yuan zhuangyuan red, large gold powder 40,000. Zhuangyuan red and large gold powder are two flower names and two varieties. They are famous products in the medium term. The first zhuangyuan is a light red when blooming, cheap nfl hatsand when it is in full bloom, it turns red and purple. The leaves are relatively large, with a long round or oval shape, and the fat is long and pointed. The new branches are green, with a bit of cinnabar, like stars in the sky.
The pink is a little purple when it is in full bloom. There is a little yellow gold ornament in the stamens. It is very beautiful and beautiful. The zhuangyuan red and the large gold powder fuse together, showing the atmosphere harmonious and fiery red.
In addition, there is a paper-cut peony in the first stamp of "flowers". J. 152 the first stamp of the 10th anniversary of the treaty of peace and friendship between China and Japan is the two blooming peony flowers.
One of the "ancient peony culture" : one of the "ancient peony culture" in full bloom on stamps: the flowers are blooming in the stamps
Celebrity paintings stamps issued in our country, such as t. 44 "qi baishi collection of stamps first is" peony "and t. 98" fostered numerous eminent people like wu changshuo works 5 stamps were also "peony". The flowers on the stamps are of a long standing peony
In 2009, the small picture of the world post exhibition was also a "national color map" of the peony flowers, accompanied by a double link for stamp collectors.
On April 7, 2009, HongKong post issued a stamp souvenir sheet to commemorate the 2009 world philatelic exhibition. The picture is a blooming peony. A small sheet of paper with China's 2009 world postal exhibition emblem and "a small sheet of stamps issued to commemorate Hong Kong post's participation in the 2009 world stamp exhibition in China". The Hong Kong stamp sheet is bright in colour, with a stylistically painted peony (luoyang flower) and bauhinia (Hong Kong city flower). Pink, pure and white two colors highlight the peony pavilion in high grace, in the layers of orange, crimson petals set off, a gorgeous appearance. The color of the white bauhinia in the ticket is accompanied by the peony, which means that HongKong post's participation is a great event.
The north Korean postal service issued two stamp sheitals on April 2, 2009, with the words "China 2009 world philatelic exhibition" and the word "Chinese" and "stamp exhibition". One of the stamps contains two stamps of peony and chrysanthemum, and the other contains two stamps of the "chengguan" building of the white horse temple in luoyang and the north Korean kaesong complex.
How much is a peony stamp
For more than half a century, there have been great historical events in our country, so long as the issue of commemorative stamps has been issued, we can almost see the appearance of the peony in luoyang.
On August 12, 1988, the former state ministry of posts and telecommunications issue Numbers for j. 152 "the 10th anniversary of china-japan treaty of peace and friendship" commemorative stamps, a full set of 2 pieces, cheap jerseysfirst shows evidence of two blooming peony, another for Japan's cherry blossoms stamp on 2 - has a long history of peony flowers. It is the first time that peony as a national flower appeared in the new China stamps. On July 31, 2004, the national post office issued the "blessing" series of personalized service stamps of "blessing" series of personalized service, and the pattern chosen was also peony flowers. In addition, in our country also appeared in a celebrity paintings stamp peony, such as t. 44 "qi baishi works stamps first" peony "and t. 98" fostered numerous eminent people like wu changshuo works "5 stamps were" peony "(figure 2). In China there are a lot of stamps will be peony as part of the design, such as: t. 99 "Chinese classical literary classics, the peony pavilion" stamps second "surprise dream", and the sheet "garden", the two stamps pattern have blooming peony peony pavilion on campus. 1997-10 "Hong Kong's return to the motherland" in the second of the stamps were "the basic law of the Hong Kong special administrative region of the People's Republic of China" and "basic law" on its design of left, right, the three sides surrounded by colorful peony.
Stamps of the People's Republic of China, the peony appear most still plays a role of decoration and beautification, foil for stamps, such as: j. 59 "international women's day" stamps, a full set of 2 pieces are attached to act the role of the same pattern of peony; T. 133 the Chinese zodiac stamps, in which the snake is decorated with peony flowers; The National People's Congress of the People's Republic of China (1998-7), the National People's Congress of the People's Republic of China, is surrounded by 10 peony flowers, symbolizing the prosperity and prosperity of our great motherland. There are also a number of stamps of fresh flowers, such as: 45-48 "the first Asian table tennis championship", the fourth "friendship"; J. 5 "the birth of the new constitution" of the second National People's Congress of the People's Republic of China. Besides the peony stamps, since 1982, the national postal department also printing have peony figure zh zh postage postcards, peony figure stamped envelope postage stamps, also welcomed by the masses of stamp enthusiasts.
In addition, luoyang peony also went abroad, settled down to the world many countries and regional stamps. In 1961, Japan issued a series of stamps, designed by the grand tombs, with the pink peony flowers and buds on the deep purple background, very showy. Well-printed and well-designed, the full set of stamps has become a hit in the world philatelia. In the same year, Romania in Europe issued a set of nine stamps, the third of which was a Chinese peony, to mark the centenary of the Bucharest botanical garden. In 2001, Sweden issued a set of "peony" stamps, with a complete set of 5. The republic of Ghana in Africa also issued a set of Chinese calligraphy and painting stamps in 1998, including the peony souvenir sheet.
Luoyang peony most colourful, when belong to the world post exhibition
On April 9, 2009, the international &news letter for the first time in the history of the international federation of philately 84 member organizations all 27 member registration participation, the upu organization to participate in the largest and the largest number of participating members of a world &news held in luoyang. This &news, Jane mail together, not only represents the highest level of the development of international stamp collecting, also launched a series of peony stamps, known as the "national business card," said the stamps and the known as "national flower" in the ancient capital of luoyang peony, said the meeting, bring out the best in each other, to show the charm of the luoyang peony again. In this series of peony stamps, stamps, the most impressive is the China post national flower peony "big stamp," China's 2009 world &news "commemorative stamps, the thousand posture peony series stamps, etc.
The stamp is the theme of the 2009 world stamp exhibition in China, and the national post office has been specially developed for the 60th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China. A set of three stamps, which are the souvenir sheet of the stamp exhibition, the peony souvenir sheet and 15 peony tickets issued by the state post office in 1964. "The mail national flower peony" big stamp is China's first set of scrolls type stamps, stamps unified framed by traditional Chinese scroll painting, framed after big stamps for up to 1250 mm, width is 460 mm, more than the world's largest stamp in the Netherlands in 2007 to grow more than doubled.
"China's two 00 nine world stamp exhibition" commemorative stamp, Wholesale jerseysa set of two, a small one. Stamp patterns for the current collection of tianjin museum "carmine color longfeng wear peony grains tank" in the qing dynasty and is now in the Palace Museum in Beijing in the qing dynasty put peony lines hidden grass "wire inlay enamel bottle", the sheet for the early stage of the qing dynasty painter Ma Yi Chinese painting figure "" very beautiful.
The series of stamps is a special stamp product which combines the unique peony culture of luoyang city. Started to issue currency from 2006, five years in a row, issued each year a group of 200 personalized peony stamp, issued a total of 1000 individual peony stamp, its novel design, unique, thousands of varieties of peony, created the same topics displayed in the number of countries business card. At the same time, it also created a personalized stamp issue of 16, a version of 12 stamps issuing the first river.
In addition, two dozen countries and regions, including north Korea, Singapore and Japan, have issued special commemorative stamps and souvenir sheets to commemorate China's 2000 world stamp exhibition. In these countries and regions, two small stamp sheets issued by the north Korean postal service, bearing the words "China's two 00 nine world philatelic exhibition" and the English words, as well as the stamp exhibition mascots. One of the stamps contains two stamps of peony and chrysanthemum, and the other contains two stamps of the "chengguan" building of the white horse temple in luoyang and the north Korean kaesong complex. Singapore issued a year of the ox zodiac stamp sheetlets, containing three year of the ox year stamps, the sheet edge landscape door are printed on the paper, and the giant Buddha, luoyang peony longmen grottoes Lou and luoyang museum of new designs. The logo, mascots and Chinese and English "China 2000 9 world stamp exhibition" are printed on the right. World &news organization party United States luoyang peony, also selected from thousands of varieties of peony Wei Zi, yao yellow, powder, pea green to bake with zhao, luoyang red, two Joe, tsing lung lie the inkwell and kwame brown red, blue, basic violet late, Bai Xueda, cinnabar, 12 varieties based on bases, the art design processing, launched "jade gold" process "peony 12 product" &news peony theme special collections in the world. China 2009 world stamp exhibition organizing committee are still in the "China 2009 world stamp exhibition" souvenir sheet, on the basis of the pioneering combining stamps and precious metals, for the first time the precious elegant peony stamps to use on the brick of gold and silver, by the authority of Shanghai coinage co., LTD., casting, three gold (silver) on the back of the brick are color gold, uniform design for blooming peony flowers and the Palace Museum collection warring states bronze gold gilding roller, and a "national flower peony, wealth and good luck". All these not only have certain artistic value and collection value, but also fully demonstrate the charm of luoyang peony and push luoyang peony into a higher artistic level.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

The warriors won the championship

The golden state warriors beat Cleveland cavaliers 129-120 at home yesterday to win the fifth NBA championship with a 4-1 win. Durant is the MVP of the NBA finals.
The golden state warriors beat Cleveland cavaliers 129-120 at home yesterday to win the fifth NBA championship with a 4-1 win. Durant is the MVP of the NBA finals.
The warriors have decided to win three championships
The cavaliers defended their home dignity in game 4 and kept the suspense alive. The big 1-3, so familiar, last year's NBA finals, cheap nfl jerseysthe cavaliers were able to make an epic comeback in the same scoreline.
Now the cavaliers have avoided being swept, but are they going to be able to roll over in a 0-3 situation? If you look at the history of the NBA, don't say it's the NBA finals, the playoffs have never had a 0-3 backflip, so how about a 1-3 turn? Only one team has done it, the cavaliers in the finals last year.
Before the game, the NBA experts did detailed analysis of this series, we believed that, no matter how knights will never series into the tiebreak, they don't have a chance to win. Most betting companies have closed down the golden state's winner, which means that the warriors are the champions of the season.
The knight has a heart to turn and his opponent is too strong
Sure enough, the warriors were the first to return home to the warriors, cheap hatswhile green and Thompson hit 3-pointers. But after leading the mighty attack suddenly loses power, continuous low-level mistakes, they complete layup by Owen, James steals, knight with 9 0 will take, the first section 33 to 37 than lead.
The warriors had won three games in the third quarter. This time they brought the attack to the second quarter. Durant and curry found a sense of hand, shooting three 3-pointers, and the warriors opened the gate completely and unawares the difference between the two figures. The warriors led by 71 to 60 in the half-time.
In the second half, the cavaliers were able to score points, but they did not have the power of the warriors, especially durant, who was desperate for the championship. In the end, wholesale jerseysthe warriors won the NBA championship this season with nine points.
Kevin durant won the MVP award
This is durant's first NBA title since joining the warriors last summer. He made five of his 3-8 points in the game, scoring a total of 39 points in the NBA finals, scoring "30 +" in a five-game series and winning the MVP award without any surprise. Curry contributed 34 points and 10 assists, and iguodala came in with 20 points. Ke Thompson and green got 11 and 10 respectively.
"It's a great team, cheap snapback hatsgreat fans, and I'm honored to be part of it," durant said. "Everything we went through was a harvest," curry said after the game. "I'm very excited to be back here and bring the o 'brien home." "If durant was the consolation of our defeat last year, we are now champions again, thanks to that loss," green said after the match.
James scored 41 points, the 14th of his season in the playoffs, and he had 13 rebounds and eight assists. In the five finals, James averaged 33.6 points, 12 rebounds and 10 assists.
"I left everything on the pitch for these five games." "I have no reason to look down," cheap jerseysJames said in an interview.

Friday, June 2, 2017

Milan are talking to real Madrid next week about the transfer of morata

The Italian newspaper la gazzetta dello sport reports that milan will contact real Madrid on Monday to discuss the transfer of morata.
Morata returned to real Madrid from Juventus last summer, cheap nba hatsscoring 20 goals this season but has never been able to regain his position. In order to ensure Spain to Russia's position in the World Cup, maura tashi looked a team can play absolute main force, in the end he choose to accept milan's invitation.
According to media reports, milan have given morata a contract of 7 million euros, which could be worth 8 million euros. Mora agree to join milan, but milan still need to get real Madrid release, after the two clubs will be in the champions league final negotiations, milan would like to offer 60 million euros.
In addition, milan are close to signing lazio captain than bounty, they good and the players discuss the contract details, but milan is needed and lazio player transfer agreement. The biancocelesti and biglia contract expires in the next season, so it is difficult to say no to milan's bid to prevent players from leaving the team.
Sky sports revealed that Atlanta midfielder Kathy Casey had some problems with the milan test, cheap nfl snapback hatsleading to a transfer deadline. Milan have not stated the case and will again organize a medical examination of Kathy.

Messi pays homage to totti

Francesco totti has officially removed his roma shirt after serie a this season. Many of the stars have expressed their blessing to francesco totti, who also paid tribute to the Roman legend on his personal social network.
"You are incredible, captain!" messi wrote. "I hope everything goes well in the next stage of your life!" Messi has also posted pictures of him talking to him in the champions league and totti, cheap MLB Hatswhere totti seems to have been taught and messi listens attentively.
Francesco totti play for roma for 25 years, is synonymous with loyalty, though he also received the lure of the big clubs such as milan, real Madrid, but insisted on staying to Rome. Messi has not played for any other club since Barcelona.

C: it's not good to be too modest

Yesterday was the opening day of real Madrid's champions league final, and cristiano ronaldo was once again playing the big game. Asked whether "modesty and modesty are important in the final", nfl jerseys cheapcristiano ronaldo said that "excessive humility is not a good thing, and that real Madrid is the best in the world".
"Humility is of course important, and it applies to any time." Ronaldo said, "but too much humility is not good, we need to show their own personality and attitude. We must tell people, real Madrid is the best team, we are than YouWenJiang. It is important that we have to prove it on the pitch, because juve as well."
Cristiano ronaldo later spoke of his own status: "my state is very good, is a slight cold, but it is better than hurt. My physical fitness is the best in recent years, this season I played a bit of time thanks to the wisdom and efforts of zidane. Everybody wants to play, but the coach has finally make a decision, cheap nhl jerseyswe will obey."
How to win the champions league? Ronaldo said: "of course is scoring more and less lost the ball team to win. We are very good at the moment,  we must seize the opportunity. Let's win the league is quiet a lot, now we have to do is the defending champions league and make history. But can't think too much, think too much easier to problems, I hope I can keep relaxed state of mind."
Cross also accepted the interview: "juve are a super team, they won the league and cup titles. This game is very difficult, the two sides 50-50. I'm the most ideal position? The most important thing is that the ball, to participate in the tactical. Five years ago, I was a 10 now more like a 6. In addition to the goalkeeper, I don't care what you're playing position, cheap soccer jerseysmy own style remains the same."

Wayne rooney is expected to return

The England manager has hinted that if rooney is keen to return to the three lions, he may have to leave Manchester united this summer.
Can rooney return to the national team without Manchester united?
For in preparation for the World Cup qualifiers against Scotland, as well as the international friendly against France, cheap jerseysgareth southgate has released the latest annual list of the three lions, Wayne rooney, 31, again ruled out. In fact, the Manchester united striker was unable to make the three lions in England's two international matches against Germany and Lithuania in March.
Southgate made it clear that at a news conference, rooney has a way to return to the England team, but the three lions rumbled, suggesting that perhaps "little son" must leave Manchester united this summer, because only such, he was able to get stable time.
Gareth southgate said: "Wayne rooney's appearances this season is not much, this is the fact that no one can deny that. This summer, rooney had to make some decisions. In my position, I certainly hope that rooney will be able to return to the England team, because we absolutely impossible to ignore a him the great star level. Every coach, wants his players to come on stage in the big scene of as much as possible. Wayne rooney's future at Manchester united, I don't have any definite idea, so I never could comment on his future."
"Before I once had a direct communication with Wayne rooney, but this time I didn't give him a call. Because, cheap mlb jerseysin my opinion, I don't need this problem with rooney said too many times, some things just said one or two is enough. Of course, I also know that for the British media, I like an England team head coach by Wayne rooney, will always be a breaking news."
Recently, the British media conjecture on Wayne rooney's career in the future, for now, it seems that the Manchester united striker will either return to former club everton, or you will go to the super gold. In an interview with reporters at the post-match press conference in the uefa cup final, rooney made it clear that he had largely identified his career future.
Manchester united striker lashford has failed to qualify for the European youth championships this summer. For the decision of the fa, southgate raised his hands. Rashford, 19, was originally a young player in the U21. However, due to southgate will rush at called into the England senior team, on June 10, to prepare for the World Cup qualifiers against Scotland, as well as the warm-up match against France on June 13, the Manchester united player so cannot with the England U21 boss Eddie, Lloyd, in will be the European championship in Poland.
Rush at the fact that not to participate in the European championship for Manchester united boss jose mourinho is a big good news, because in this way, cheap nba jerseysthe talented striker will be able to get sufficient rest time, also can complete in the reds' pre-season preparation training in North America. When it comes to rush at the topic, gareth southgate said: "in my opinion, the Manchester united striker has completely included in the England senior team's ability. In the England team now, a lot of the best players are very young."
Finally southgate confirmed that Liverpool defender nannanil klein had dropped out of the England squad due to injuries.

Manchester united is the world's most expensive football team

United have been unable to reach the top four in the premier league for two consecutive seasons, but that doesn't seem to have stopped the red devils from being on the commercial side. From the global professional auditors KPMG's latest research data show that Manchester united have over real Madrid and Barcelona, cheap nfl hatsbecome the world's most valuable football club.
KPMG this research involves the 39 European football club, and on the basis of these teams in the popularity of social networks, 14/15 and 15/16 two seasons of income and European performance on the value of these teams has carried on the comprehensive evaluation.
Club value ranking
It turned out that Manchester united had overtaken real Madrid and Barcelona as the most valuable football club of all time, with a combined value of 3 billion euros (2.7 billion pounds). The reds are also the first and only teams worth more than 3 billion euros.
The 2-10 teams are real Madrid, Barcelona, bayern, Manchester city, Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Juventus and spurs. As you can see, cheap oakley sunglassesthe premier league team is in full red, with six seats in the top 10. According to KPMG, the reason why the premier league is so popular is because of the dramatic increase in relaying and more sustainable management.